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10 Part Series: How to Increase Your Productivity as a Designer — Tip # 6: Make To-Do Lists

Sep 20, 2011 by     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tips

Does your To Do look like this?
Staying organized is one of the key secrets to maximizing your productivity, and making lists are a great way to start. Keeping to-do lists for every week, day, month, or project will keep you on task, tell you whether you are behind or ahead, and streamline your workflow.

First thing’s first: before you start work for the week, assess your workload. Prioritize projects based on deadline, importance, workload, and demand. Then make a weekly to-do list. Set daily goals, pencil in appointments and meetings, and map out when you will finish each task.

Next, make detailed daily to-do lists that leave room for extra tasks that may be added on. It is inevitable that new tasks will spring up throughout the day, and being prepared to take them on and finish new tasks along with your original tasks is key to your success at productivity.

Lastly, continuously organize your lists. Cross out accomplished items, move items based on priority, and don’t constrain yourself to a set list of things. Again, projects are bound to change, new ones will creep up, and some will even be scrapped entirely. Being on top of these changes is going to reduce your stress level and allow you to get more work done in a smaller amount of time. Below are links to articles that will help you further in making lists:

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Tada List

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