Seafair 2019 Campaign

Instagram Campaign Image.
Instagram Campaign Image.
Instagram Campaign Image.
Since 1950, nothing has been more synonymous with summer in Seattle than Seafair! The annual non-profit festival spans 10 weeks and touches more than two million people through seven signature events and over 25 sanctioned community events.
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2019 Torchlight Run Poster
2019 Torchlight Run Poster.
Seafair Festival Poster Design Series
Seafair Festival Poster Design Series.
Seafair Weekend King County Bus Ad
Seafair Weekend King County Bus Ad.

Building on the last year’s success with a vibrant evolution of brand and design.

Coming off the successful brand campaign of 2018, the Jennergy team was once again tasked to bring energy and life to the Seafair Festival. 2019 presents the unique challenge of crafting a fresh new look and evolution of the Seafair brand. Many elements of the 2018 campaign were to be kept, like consistent placement of event information and sponsor logos, signature event color, and vibrant imagery. However, the client wanted a fresh feel for the event materials, particularly bold typography and exciting visuals.

The Jennergy team collaborated closely with the client and emphasized the concepting phase to approach the challenge thoughtfully. It was important to the success of the project to not only meet the needs of the client but the greater Seattle community as well. Seafair comprises a diverse array of events, each with its unique appeal, catering to a wide range of demographics. From the athletic Triathlon to the family-friendly Torchlight Parade and the all-inclusive Summer Fourth celebration, Seafair resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds in the broader Seattle community. The graphics we create for these events cater to their respective demographics and come together cohesively, effectively communicating the overarching Seafair experience. Whether attending one event or multiple, the design maintains a consistent appearance, reinforcing the connection to the larger Seafair brand.

With years of experience adapting the Seafair look and feel, the Jennergy team not only excels at designing with existing brands but also at evolving and translating brands across various mediums. Whether it’s on a television screen, the side of a bus, or in your Instagram feed, the graphics maintain a recognizable and consistent look and feel, ensuring Seafair events are recognizable anywhere and in every medium.

2019 Seafair Weekend Instagram Graphics
2019 Seafair Weekend Instagram Graphics.
2019 Seafair Festival Instagram Graphics
2019 Seafair Festival Instagram Graphics.