Build experiences your customers will want to visit.

Your customers are expecting a living, breathing invitation to engage with you online. To extend that invitation, you need to give them a responsive experience that’s ready to scale. Jennergy has all the skills in one agency to create a unique, scalable design on all customer touch points—including your web apps, website pages, content management, dynamic dashboards, social media, digital ad campaigns, etc—the list grows every day. We can help you orchestrate your content and guide your customers’ journeys across devices, through irresistible interfaces (UI) to compelling experiences (UX). Let us help you bring your digital best self to life, and invite all to experience what you have to offer.

Experience our digital designs

Digital Experiences and web application
UI/UX, USER FLOW, ada compliance, JOURNEY MAPS

UI/UX—you win.

A great user experience is like a successful road trip adventure; your customer is drawn from one high point to the next, through beautiful countryside, arriving at just the right destination—your Ecommerce offerings, for example. Their UX is only as good as your UI, and Jennergy has mastered the modern art of UI design, from mobile form factors to page loading speed, and from dark mode to ADA compliance. We do it all beautifully and effectively. And, of course, with scalability. Your customer’s experiences directly determine how successfully you engage them—their journey is your reward. Let us help you guide them on their way!

Preview what’s possible

  • User Experience & User Interface Design (UX / UI)
  • User Journey Maps & Sitemaps
  • Dashboard Interface & Design
  • User Profiles & Personas
  • Wireframing & Interactive Prototypes
  • WCAG & ADA Compliance Recommendations
  • Information Architecture 
  • Admin & User Facing Design
web applications, web platforms and scalable design systems

Dream big! We’ll be sure your design system scales with your growth.

Scalable design is how your web platform fuels your ambition. As your business grows, your website, apps, and dashboards will play expanding roles in your customer relationships—you need them to grow big gracefully. Jennergy lays the foundations today for the scale you’ll need tomorrow and gives you confidence that you won’t outgrow your customer connection platform just when you need it most.

See design systems that scale

  • Scalable Design Systems and Component Libraries
  • Interface Design and Interaction
  • Website & Mobile App Design
  • Scalable Prototype Libraries
  • Custom Vector Illustrations
  • User Interface Templates
  • Style Guide
user journey maps, user flow, wireframes, color theory

Behind the scenes matters too.

As your new normal expands to include web apps, a mobile app, a more dynamic website, dashboards, and other such modern essentials, you are becoming (like it or not) a web platform user. Your web platform is the guts and gears that make sure the right things happen at the right times for the right people on the right devices. How well your web platform works depends on how well your apps and pages are designed, and Jennergy is well-schooled in designing for peak platform performance. We can help you be sure that your showroom and your engine room will hum along in perfect harmony.

Learn about our process

  • Web Application Design
  • User Profiles & Personas
  • User Interface Design
  • Dashboard Interface Design
  • Interactive Prototypes
DATA VISUALIZATION, dynamic dashboard design

Data visualization is all about the details.

Web apps and dashboards are how your users actually use—and not just peruse—your digital offerings. The user journey and content work best when a hundred things are done just right: icons, information hierarchies, data visualizations, meaning-rich layouts—it’s a giant puzzle to be solved so it simply makes sense. Jennergy knows how to fit all the pieces together to deliver satisfying experiences for your users. Clean, simplified, and allowing the data to do the heavy lifting…we are ready to help.

Visualize metrics that matter

  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Vector Graphics
  • Admin Dashboards
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Strategic Dashboards

Generate sales leads and capture user data.

For our B2B clients who provide business services, the key to a successful site is the generation of sales leads. We designs sites not only to sell our clients’ great services, but guide visitors through intentional user experiences to leading them to submit their contact details to get more information (or download a white paper or view a video). Our clients are busy, so we integrate their sites with preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to funnel leads directly to their sales teams. We’ve integrated with a variety of CRM systems including: Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, Active Campaign, Apptivo, and Mailchimp. The volume of sales leads is important, but we go beyond basic numbers. We want to understand our clients’ customers and what drives them to make a purchase or seek more information. Data is the key to understanding what’s happening on our clients’ sites and how well it’s working. We’ve got the experience and skills to use these tools to create a world-class user experience and generate lots of qualified sales leads for your company.

Increase your lead capture ratios

  • Web Audits
  • CRM Integration
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Conversion
  • Google Analytics
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Heatmaps
Frontend and backend Development

Development to make design shine.

We ensure our design gets executed to the pixel. We work with our developers throughout the process to go beyond the handoff. From frontend to backend design, we’ve got you covered. Our developers don’t just make sure the design looks good, it functions beautifully too. For us, design and development need to work together to stay on trend in this fast-moving world, creating custom work that doesn’t just represent now, it speaks volumes for what’s to come in the future.

Build a future-proof digital product

  • Front and Backend Development
  • Ecommerce Design and Development
  • Multiple Platform Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Web Platform Theme Template Designs
  • Website Maintenance Plans

Together let's

create a great user experience.

create a scalable design system.

design new brand materials.

update your digital strategy.

develop a smart content strategy.

create a strong user journey.

measure your marketing efforts.

build an award-winning website.

create a “wow” factor.

do something great.

do good work.

create dynamic content.

share your story.

give your competitors something to talk about.

tell your story.

market your new service.

get to work.

a new digital you.

increase your sales.

create the next best thing.