UW Admissions Viewbooks

Viewbook cover design
Viewbook cover design
Viewbook cover design
The University of Washington is a public research university in Seattle, Washington founded in 1861. The admissions viewbooks serve as an introduction to life at the university. Through custom illustration, bold graphic treatments, as well as following the University’s family brand, this collection shares the UW story through a student’s perspective, provides unique information, and focuses on the international student experience.
Concept Development
Custom Icons, Illustrations & Infographics
Print Campaigns
Maps, Icons & Infographics
Communicator Award
cover & interior page design
Custom map design
Custom map design
international student book cover & interior page design
transfer student book interior page
Custom Infographic Design
Custom Infographic Design
transfer student cover & interior page design

We have worked with the following UW entities:

UW District Leadership Design Lab
UW Finance and Facilities
UW Surplus
UW Medicine
UW College of the Environment
UW Medicine Advancement

UW Rowing
UW School of Admissions
UW School of Nursing
UW Foster School of Business
UW The Robinson Center
UW College of Education

UW Institute For Health Metrics and Evaluation
UW Institute of Translational Health Sciences
UW School of Social Work
UW Institute for Science and Math Education
UW Information School