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Jennergy takes 20 years of design experience and implements strategic, creative concepts to improve user engagement and increase your conversion rates. Our team will help evaluate your content to provide the necessary services you will need to attract more visitors and encourage repeat visitors. We can assist with a wide range of Ecommerce services such as marketing strategy, copywriting, packaging, branding, product photography, UI/UX, and development. By providing marketing and development solutions with platforms such as Shopify, our team members can create a user experience on your website that will increase your sales as well as your customers’ satisfaction. Below are some of the services we offer our clients.

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  • Ecommerce
  • Collection Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Shopping Carts/Email Messaging
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Seamless Check Out Experience
Product photography and clean website design helps increase sales

Sell a great customer experience.

Your customer experience should reflect the values of your organization. To engage your audience, we will provide a strong user experience that encourages trust in your product and professionalism. The customer experience is all communicated through design. A great product is not enough—your copy, messaging, product photography, overall design aesthetics, and shopping cart experience critically impacts your user’s decision to “order now” or “abandon shopping cart.”

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Online shopping; landing pages and collection pages

Take stock in page design.

From keeping your products organized in a collection page to testing various landing pages, Jennergy has your project covered from start to finish. Our expertise in design and development with Ecommerce solutions can help your sales goals and drive revenue. Ensuring your success through A/B testing, we are able to analyze the best layout for your site statistically.

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Shopping Cart Experience

Increase shopping cart sales.

Potential customers abandon over half of all online shopping carts before they make their purchase. Your online sales revenue could surge if you created an online experience that optimized your customers’ eagerness to proceed to checkout.

The user experience impacts why a customer abandons their shopping cart. Confusing checkouts, payment security concerns, unexpected shipping costs, daunting registration process—all of these factors affect an online shopping experience. We are here to simplify the transaction.

Jennergy can create an online experience where your client is assured they are making a justified online purchase. We will help you with your shopping cart strategy to build brand loyalty, up-sell similar products, and welcome repeat customers.

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Email ecommerce marketing

Be unforgettable.

Ecommerce is tricky—you don’t want your user to unsubscribe, but you need them to remember you offer the best product on the market. Our marketing communications team can help increase engagement with your campaigns by providing services to help your promotional emails, confirmation emails, win-back emails, shipping emails, and other messaging needs.

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Market beyond screens.

Branding must start with your goals. We will help illuminate your business’ story and determine how your audience should see you. Your branding influences your customer dozen of times during a typical purchase. Is your brand promise coming across all touchpoints? Strategy, messaging, logo design, copywriting, user experience, product photography are elements that should reflect the business you have built.

Refresh your brand while still building your new Ecommerce experience. We are here to learn more about your business needs and how our award-winning team can help.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design & Brand Execution
  • Print Design & Packaging
  • Website Design & Development
  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Photography & Art Direction

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