Brotman Baty Institute

Brotman Baty Institute launches its new WordPress website with custom homepage animation.
Brotman Baty Institute launches its new WordPress website with custom homepage animation.
Brotman Baty Institute launches its new WordPress website with custom homepage animation.
UW Medicine, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Seattle Children's have co-founded The Brotman Baty Institute (BBI) to accelerate both the basic sciences of precision medicine and the delivery of benefits to patients. The BBI provides unfettered access to centralized platforms offering advanced technologies and other capabilities.
Concept Development
Content Strategy
Custom Icons, Illustrations & Infographics
Logo & Identity Development
Product Packaging
UX/UI (User Experience, User Interface)
Website Design
Communicator Award
Indigo Award
Aster Award
Mobile-friendly website design.
Mobile-friendly website design for staying up-to-date with BBI from anywhere.
BBI responsive website.
BBI responsive website featuring a leadership directory and announcements featured page.
Gift package design.
Gift package design featuring the new BBI logo.

Collaboration and innovation come together in a collective vision for a leading research institute.

The Brotman Baty Institute (BBI) required a comprehensive brand identity, website, and marketing materials to effectively communicate its mission and values. The project’s primary challenge was to create a brand identity that encapsulates the institute’s cutting-edge research and collaborative ethos while resonating with a diverse audience that included researchers, donors, and the general public. To achieve this, our team embarked on a meticulous design process, starting with in-depth discussions with key stakeholders from the partner institutions. These discussions helped us understand the unique aspects of each institution and the collective vision for the Brotman Baty Institute.

The award-winning brand identity is versatile, lending itself seamlessly to various applications, from its website, social media, marketing, and promotional materials. The logo’s resemblance to a genome not only underscores the organization’s focus on genetic research and biotechnology but also conveys a sense of advanced scientific pursuit and innovation. For the website, our goal was to create a user-friendly, informative, and visually engaging online presence that would serve as the primary information hub for the institute’s activities. The website was designed with intuitive navigation to cater to a broad range of users, from expert researchers to the general public or simply those who were interested in the institute’s work. The comprehensive branding and marketing strategy successfully positioned the Brotman Baty Institute as a leader in collaborative research, significantly enhancing its visibility and impact in the scientific community.

BBI Thank you card design.
Thank you card design.
Logo design on gift packaging.
Logo design on gift packaging.