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Say hello to a close relationship with a creative, reputable, reliable design team. We work together to produce strong visual communication marketing in all forms, both digital and print. Collaborate with us—an ambitious and exploratory group of strategists, designers, developers, writers, and artists. As a creative collective, we are thinkers and creators who can adapt to any style. We genuinely care about a great connection, great work, and producing real results.

Principal :: Creative Director

Jenn Hill

Favorite Things:

The Great Outdoors. Sports. Candy. Mountain Biking. Cappuccinos. Iced Tea. Family. Good Friends.

Talents and Specialties

Jenn approaches design with an invigorated perspective. Artist first, she prides herself on her ability to combine business with an immense amount of creative energy and passion. With her collaboration method, she’s developed a reputation of effortlessly creating partnerships with her clients through a hands-on approach to design and creative planning. Jenn provides an extensive background spans both digital and print for healthcare, higher education, various state, city and county organizations, financial institutions, technology industries, small private sector and various non-profit agencies. As Creative Director, Jenn focuses on gaining insight into a multitude of creative ideas while balancing client and stakeholder input to keep design direction on target. Whether the campaign calls for strategy, branding, print, digital or videography, she focuses on creative with an eye for measurement impact and helps the team apply strategic recommendations into effective design execution and materials.

Visual Designer

Felicity Brigham

Favorite Things:

Kayaking. Camping and hiking the PNW. Craft beer. My cats, Pixel and Simcoe.

Talents and Specialties

With a decade of experience in design, Felicity loves the diversity of projects each day brings. Variety is the spice of life and design has allowed for a wide array of projects, wonderful clients, and new opportunities. While web design is always her passion, she also loves creating unique infographics, custom icons, or anything else you can dream up. Writing is a love which sneaks into her work, be it a headline, a blog, or social post. The user experience is always top of her mind when designing, as is ADA compliance to ensure the web is a beautiful and useable space for everyone! Living in Seattle, Felicity likes to take advantage of all of the great things the city has to offer– fresh oysters, craft beer, local music, and beautiful surrounding mountains.

Visual Designer

Tabrek Seyssel

Favorite Things:

Food, Surfing, Hiking, Swimming, Music

Talents and Specialties

With a passion for design and a knack for development, Tabrek enjoys rolling up his sleeves and solving complex problems. For the past five years, Tabrek has worked with various clients on design projects ranging from Branding, Web Design, UI/UX, and everything in between. Although design is his primary passion, he also loves the world of web development and will never pass up an opportunity to get his hands dirty and write some code. Being a Los Angeles native, during his free time you can usually find Tabrek Surfing the most recent swell, hiking the San Gabriel mountains, or enjoying the local craft beer and music scene.

Visual Designer

Amy Ogg

Favorite Things:

Coffee. Music. Dance. Food. Languages. Travel. Friends. Pink everything. Leopard Print.

Talents and Specialties

Amy loves creating meaningful solutions for problems using her natural creativity combined with her passion for people, research, writing, and user-centric design. With an eye for detail, Amy focuses on design systems, user flows, and interactive components. Fueled by coffee, curiosity and creative ideas, Amy comes from a somewhat non-traditional background. Prior to UX/UI design, she worked simultaneously as a coffee shop manager, instructor at Seattle Barista Academy, and Middle Eastern dance instructor/performing artist. Living in the heart of Seattle, Amy enjoys exploring the craft coffee and performing arts scenes or walking — or roller skating along the waterfront.

Visual Designer

Tanya Brno

Favorite Things:

Aerial Arts. Sewing, Swimming. Paddle boarding. My dog, Bentley. Italian red wine. Tacos.

Talents and Specialties

Tanya brings a unique, holistic perspective to solving creative problems; with an eye for composition and balance. She enjoys creating unconventional solutions and pivoting to the most effective outcomes. Tanya loves concepting, creating logos, and branding to translate a brand’s mood and essence into assets. She enjoys working in design systems, web design, accessibility, and working with diverse clients. She also holds a degree in Landscape Architecture, which ingrained in her the importance of Human Factors in design. In her free time, Tanya can be found working with creative teams to sculpt immersive experiences onstage as an Aerial Artist, performing at a local cabaret, walking her Boston Terrier, and enjoying the local performance and music scene.

Lead Developer

Chris Blair

Favorite Things:

My wife and kids. Seattle sports. Beer. Naps. Dessert. Basketball.

Talents and Specialties

Chris is our lead web developer overseeing our custom web projects as well as the production of many WordPress sites. He loves a challenge and learning new things and prides himself on being able to build any web functionality that a client asks for. Working collaboratively with clients, learning about their businesses and organizations, and creating a websites that they love is what keeps Chris inspired even after 20 years.

Web Developer

Cinnamon Harrington

Favorite Things:

My kids. My grandson. Finding good food trucks/hole-in-the-wall cafes. Laughing. My dog (you’ll notice I did not mention my cats…).

Talents and Specialties

Cinnamon has been working with Jennergy for 9 years to help clients realize their business dreams and goals through the custom development of beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind WordPress websites. She specializes in training clients to manage their new websites through in-person and zoom trainings, along with recorded videos highlighting specific aspects of their unique site. Her goal is to meet every clients’ level of understanding and tech comfort to provide individualized training with a high degree of clarity and have a little fun along the way.

Master Articulator

Tom Corddry

Favorite Things:

My kids and their kids, Science, Salt water and everything in it and on it, Italy and what they eat and drink there, Books, books, books, Getting out in the boonies, Art and artists, Cooking

Talents and Specialties

My go-to craft is writing, often embedded in strategy and branding. I frequently write recipes from which other things are made: videos, songs, apps, live performances, speeches, websites, games, exhibits. I concentrate my efforts on projects for a small number of elite firms, notably Jennergy! Through these firms, my work serves their clients: Amazon, Microsoft, Applied Materials, Intel, UW Medicine, United Healthcare, many more. Ask me anything about nanotechnology or coronaviruses! I serve on the board of Folio and I write regularly for Post Alley.

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