LP Loan Planner

LP Loan Planner™ is a cutting-edge digital finance tool designed to make the complicated home-buying process easier for loan officers and their customers.
LP Loan Planner™ is a cutting-edge digital finance tool designed to make the complicated home-buying process easier for loan officers and their customers.
LP Loan Planner™ is a cutting-edge digital finance tool designed to make the complicated home-buying process easier for loan officers and their customers.
LP Loan Planner™ is a one-of-a-kind SaaS web application for mortgage loan officers optimize home loan options and present them to their clients. LP Loan Planner™ is a secure virtual presentation that can be shown to clients in real-time on any digital device.
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The LP Loan Planner™ revolutionizes the mortgage loan industry allowing a loan officer to present loan options in a completely virtual environment while engaging with their customers from anywhere in real-time.

Real-time virtual presentation of home buying options to customers anywhere in the world.

The LP Loan Planner™ web app allows mortgage loan officers to easily walk their customers through complicated loan variables, fees, and costs in virtual, real-time environment through their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. All graphs and data visualizations throughout the web app are dynamic and will update automatically as the loan officer adjusts their numbers. This flexibility allows loan officers to engage with their customers, while quickly updating their client’s options as new information becomes available during a meeting. What makes this web app so unique is the real-time presentation on the customers device, allowing them to review the adjustments and make more informed decisions quickly.

LP Loan Planner™ web app shown on multiple devices
We designed the LP Loan Planner™ for a cohesive and beautiful user experience no matter what device the loan officer or their customer was using.
Infographic showing that the average loan application takes only 30 minutes or less with LP Loan Planner™.
Two phones showing the Loan Scenarios and LP Loan Planner™ Product Page on the Let's Plan™ website
Designed to be beautifully simple and easy to use for the MLO or Homebuyer even on their mobile device.
Let's Plan™ MLO Login Screen
The Let's Plan™ welcome screen served a dual purpose of being the primary landing point for MLO customers and providing a quick login link for the MLO to access their account.

Increase your loan capture rate by 62% by using LP Loan Planner™

Filled with features to streamline workflow and increase productivity for the entire team.

LP Loan Planner™ is packed with fantastic time-saving features for the busy loan officer to streamline their workflow. This web app features autosave, in-presentation notes, adjustable cost-factor variables, and a real-time focus indicator so the customer can follow along with their loan officer during a virtual meeting. LP Loan Planner™ was built to enhance internal collaboration and process—allowing loan officers to invite their entire team onto the platform with varying levels of permission to help with meetings and presentation management.

LP Loan Planner™ adding additional team members page
Because most loan officers do not work alone, we designed a team feature so the loan officer could invite additional team members to help with virtual meetings, organization, and client management.
LP Loan Planner™ virtual notes integration example
LP Loan Planner™ was designed with fantastic time-saving features for busy loan officers to help streamline their workflow, such as integrated digital meeting notes.

Ensuring a cohesive product experience, from a customer’s first interaction to their last.

No SaaS product is complete without a marketing site to help increase sales and boost the product adoption. And one of the most important aspects of a successful product marketing site is ensuring that the customer has a cohesive brand experience. Let’s Plan is no exception and includes a fully custom Ecommerce WordPress site designed to align with the Let’s Plan brand and market an entire family of SaaS digital products, including LP Loan Planner™. Every aspect of the WordPress site aligns with the Let’s Plan brand, including a custom Woo Commerce subscription-based shopping cart experience ensuring the customer has a consistent brand experience from start to finish.

LP Loan Planner™ WordPress checkout screen
Ensuring a consistent product experience included a fully customized WordPress subscription based checkout experience and marketing site for the entire Let’s Plan™ suite of digital SaaS products—LP Loan Planner™, LP Loan Calculator™, and LP File Flow™.

Thoughtful strategy is essential to provide the ideal user journey and onboarding experience.

The LP Loan Planner™ web strategy and user journey mapping took into account multiple user personas that each interacted with the product in unique ways. The Loan Officer user journey alone was extensive and required careful crafting to ensure the most streamlined experience possible through every touchpoint. Guiding the loan officer from the initial point of engagement on the WordPress Marketing site through the subscription checkout process, and finally through onboarding and walkthrough tutorial of the LP Loan Planner™ product required extensive strategy and journey mapping. However, the shared journey between the loan officer and their customer during the virtual meeting was by far the most intricate, requiring a shared product experience between two users while at the same time meeting each user’s individual needs. While the loan officer required large amounts of user interface controls and complex features to communicate and guide the meeting effectively, the customer needed the interface to be clean, simple, and free from distractions in order to focus on the content.

LP Loan Planner™ Web Strategy and User Journey sample
The web strategy and user journey mapping for the The LP Loan Planner™ required a holistic approach to ensure a streamlined and consistent user experience from the first touchpoint on the website, through the checkout and onboarding process, and the application flow.
Sample screens of the MLO Onboarding experience
The LP Loan Planner™ onboarding user journey was tailored for the mortgage loan officer persona in order to ensure a streamlined sign-up process and also gather useful data to be used later for automating their daily workflows.

It has been a pleasure to work with Jenn and her team at Jennergy. They developed an awesome set of branded logos and names with unique options. I had lots to choose from after their extensive interview process to capture the essence of what I was looking for. I'm very impressed by the product, attention to detail and well thought out concepts. Jenn's resume and website present an impressive lineup of logos and work product that speaks for itself. Let the experts shine and that's what they did!

- Steve Dellario, Let's Plan™

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