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Grateful Patient Campaign
The UW Medicine Advancement Grateful Patient Campaign was a comprehensive and multifaceted creative endeavor across many platforms and omnichannel marketing. Coordinating with various stakeholders at multiple approval levels, our team worked in close collaboration with our clients to capture their vision, while remaining true to our primary objective— concept, create and implement a marketing campaign that evoked the feelings of hope and gratitude to inspire and motivate existing and potential donors.
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Strategic Creative Direction

The strategic positioning behind the Grateful Patient Campaign.

Messaging was a crucial component of the campaign, creating content and powerful visuals that were emotionally engaging and informative. Our strategy needed to resonate through all campaign touchpoints—fostering a sense of deep personal connection, the impact of giving, and responsibility of real-life outcomes. This approach was complemented by thoughtful copywriting, design, custom photoshoots, and art direction for the creative campaign, while meticulously planned to ensure consistency in messaging and visual representation across all platforms.

UW Medicine Grateful Patient Campaign Graphic "You Power Tomorrow's Cures"
UW Medicine Grateful Patient Campaign Elevator Graphic " You Give Hope"
UW Medicine Grateful Patient Campaign Wall Graphic " You Transform Lives"
UW Medicine Grateful Patient Campaign Wall Graphic " You Give Hope"

A powerful campaign to inspire action and foster connection.

We faced the challenge of not just communicating a message but creating a profound and emotional connection with the audience. The goal was to inspire action, fostering a sense of deep connection to inspire philanthropic action. The campaign needed to engage individuals, compelling them to engage and contribute to a cause larger than themselves.

Strategic positioning and tailored messaging to leave a lasting impact.

The core of our strategy was the transformative power of giving. We meticulously crafted copy to evoke an emotion, ensuring that our message resonated in hearts and minds. Combining our history of working in healthcare, partnering with UW entities, and experience with the Seattle area, we tailored our messaging to resonate with the target audience. Emphasizing a holistic approach, our messaging strategy was seamlessly integrated into every campaign touchpoint.

To bring the messaging to life, we provided art direction on a custom photoshoot to align the copy and visuals. This allowed us to communicate a cohesive and compelling story across diverse platforms, ensuring a consistent and resonant message. In developing the art direction of the custom photoshoot, we took into account diversity and representation while giving careful consideration to communicating the emotional nature of the campaign.

Our strategy focused on maintaining consistency in messaging and visual representation. Our messaging strategy went beyond communication; driving individuals to engage, connect, and contribute to a cause larger than themselves. The result: a campaign that leaves a lasting impact on the audience, medical research, and patient care.

UW Medicine Grateful Patient Campaign Wall Graphic " You Support Healthier Communities"

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