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Design Trends of 2023: Our Favorites

2023 Digital Trends

Let’s talk about design trends of 2023! This topic is always a fan favorite for our audience and clientele, especially those who are interested in doing some spring cleaning on their logo, website or print marketing material.

At our daily roundtable, the Jennergy creative team shares posts, imagery or articles regarding all the latest trends in all things, typically focusing on technology, fashion, or design. In our industry that changes by the minute, so sharing the latest inspirations are incredibly valuable. Sharing a new trend can spark inspiration for our next logo design (that potentially wins an award!), introduce a fresh pop of color to update a print campaign or simply provide new knowledge that keeps our work fresh, agile, and innovative. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the design trends of 2023 in our portfolio of work over the next year!

Color to the max: totally rad blue, neon, and red all over

2023 color trends

Credit left to right:, @barbiemovieupdates Instagram,

Color, color everywhere! Saturation, bold, and vibrant palettes are going big this year for 2023. Deep reds, bright oranges, cobalt blue…remember the neons of the 80’s? All of these are making a statement on the runway for 2023, and what typically hits fashion eventually shows up in logos, print campaigns, and digital deliverables. While some softer, muted palettes are still popular—this year is the year to introduce some new Pantone swatches in your marketing materials. From the red carpet to billboards, big bold colors are going to be making an appearance near you.

Typography that never gets old: the vintage, bold, and geometric

2023 Type Trends

Credit left to right: Soul Wave by, Dirk by YouWorkForThem, Migo by Maulana Creative

From funky retro to psychedelic 70’s, we’re loving seeing all of the eye-catching vintage fonts striking the perfect balance between old and new. Bold and chunky fonts are also making their presence known and often paired with an equally bold color palette, making for a big design statement. Classic geometric fonts are also popping up everywhere with favorites like Avenir and Helvetica, and newbies like Migo.

Branding back to the future: nostalgia, minimalism, and 3D elements

2023 Branding Trends

Credit left to right:,, MICROSOFT • Fluent UI

Vintage vibes are getting a modern twist—combining retro and modern elements in a design. The new trends are pairing retro fonts with fresh color palettes or nostalgic graphic elements, and bringing it into the future with clean typography. Minimalism is also getting a fresh take, moving away from neutral color palettes towards vivid, lively colors. With the rampant spread of AI-generated imagery, we’re seeing a shift away from 3D illustrations, and instead generative designs optimized by AI for a technology-centric look.

Final Thoughts

Design trends, styles, and techniques constantly change as the design industry evolves, but we think our favorites are going to dominate 2023 this year. Curious to read about our 2023 digital design predictions? Check back next week for our article on those trends as well! We always like to hear your thoughts—what 2023 trends are you excited about?

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