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Massive Drop In Your Traffic And Conversions? It’s Not You, It’s Them.

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In the last year, an overwhelming wave of changes across digital platforms has reshaped the landscape, leaving an indelible mark on web traffic, conversion rates, and SEO performance. Obtaining quality data and measurements for your digital traffic has also become more advanced and convoluted.

Alright, let’s skip the preamble and dive right into what’s shifted, shall we?


Google Search Rankings

Google Search algorithms now prioritize pages with quality, engaging content offering real value to users. Keyword stuffing and other dodgy SEO tactics will no longer work. The algorithm doesn’t simply match keywords for results—rankings take context into account to determine relevance to the search terms. Helpful tip: Appearing across multiple platforms helps establish you as a legitimate business.  

An outdated or messy back-end website can negatively affect your ranking. Google is scanning websites reducing their ranks due to page speed, inaccurate meta information, and broken redirects. Learn more from our source.


Social Media Advertising

Meta’s recent changes have resulted in a decline in traffic from their targeted ads. Facebook referral traffic hovered around 7% to 8% in early June 2023 and has continued to decline ever since. Their algorithm prioritizes short-form video, making image posts struggle for views. Learn more from our source.


Digital Marketing

Digital advertising as a whole has seen a dropoff in traffic, likely due to automation. Small differences in keywords or target audience can make a big difference in placement. Digital ad platforms offer more options for targeting specific demographics, but the content still needs to speak to that audience. Learn more from our source.


Google Analytics 4 (aka: GA4)

Google Analytics has converted to the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). The new platform is complex, making finding relevant data difficult for many. Generating site traffic reports has become cumbersome, and overshadowed by an excessive analytics tool. However, making use of this data can help improve conversions and determine where to focus marketing efforts.


What’s your next move? Check back for updates.

Simply put, those who continue outdated tactics or a scattered approach will see diminishing returns as large platforms continue to evolve with AI and digital marketing. Gone are the days of taking shortcuts to drive web traffic…they now require a shift in strategy and effort through quality content and imagery, user-centric SEO, smart ad placements, etc. Let’s not forget we still have to measure results—analytics, data, and insights have grown considerably more intricate and time-consuming for the majority of users. 

We have been working with our clients to ease their challenges with a tailored strategy and approach during these transformations in the digital landscape. If you are seeking guidance, we offer complimentary consultations and are happy to share valuable resources, expertise, and knowledge—just reach out!

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