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CES 2023: Creating A Holistic Brand Experience

Various Mobile Screens For The CES 2023 Mobile App

CES® is the most influential tech event in the world, and Jennergy was fortunate to provide our creative services for CES® 2023 earlier this year. The annual Consumer Technology Association (CTA) event brings together the world’s biggest brands, from every tech sector, to learn from the sharpest innovators, meet partners, and do business. 

With event season in full swing, it’s been exciting to see the surge of attendees and increased in-person participation post-pandemic. Jennergy continues to support our clients with in-person print marketing materials including branding, tradeshow booth graphics, event advertising/marketing, print collateral, etc. as well as digital deliverables including websites, web apps, dashboards, digital presentations, etc. As we work with our clients on their print and online marketing needs, we find the most successful, profitable events have a cohesive brand experience. Simply put, regardless of in-person or online attendance, long gone are the days when virtual offerings were just a “nice to have.” In order to have returning attendees, increased revenue, and an overall positive event experience, event marketing must cater to both in-person and virtual audiences to remain successful.

CES® had the right strategy for their annual technology event and understood the need for a strong hybrid experience. The in-person conference included 188,000 attendees, but their global digital reach was in the Billions (that’s with a capital B)! So, what did they do right? CES® 2023’s digital venue strategy made sure that both in-person and virtual experiences were well-branded and cohesive. This hybrid event approach also brought engaging virtual features and functionality, as well as insights and networking opportunities that resonated positively with attendees long after the event ended.

CES delivered features, functionality, and branding.

The CES® 2023’s digital venue delivered an elevated and cohesive brand experience throughout the entire digital product, and our team kept that top of mind throughout our creative strategy. The digital platform was also packed with features to entertain and keep virtual attendees engaged (which is always our goal for any client project).  

Some of our favorite CES® 2023 features include:

  • Pre-Event Activities for Virtual Attendees
  • Digital Exhibitor Booths
  • Virtual Networking
  • Live Session Chats
  • Live-streaming Channel Experiences
  • Audience Insights for Event Exhibitors

(More details on our CES 2023 project page)

Whether you were attending the event in person (but opted to spend the morning in your hotel streaming the Keynote), or viewing the John Deere AI technology session from another country, CES® 2023 provided the best cohesive event brand experience for everyone.

Various elements and styles of the Component Library created for CES 2023

Think holistically about your audience experience.

When it comes to an exceptional brand experience, every customer touchpoint matters. Events are missing huge revenue growth potential by not investing in a hybrid approach for their audience with all branding and engagement. Event collateral needs to align with all marketing efforts and create seamless brand experiences throughout their print and digital advertising campaigns, targeted social media ads, marketing websites, signage or promotional products, and what is now especially critical—the entire digital event platform. Ensuring all of these customer touchpoints are branded effectively and consistently is extremely important, as they will become associated with meaningful interactions attendees had during your event. 

Our recent experiences with events and tradeshows have shown us that events are not going back to a pre-pandemic life. In-person attendance is returning, but the virtual experiences are here to stay. It is now up to marketing teams to find creative ways to reach both in-person and virtual audiences. We are excited to see how the event industry evolves as we drift further away from the pandemic. We are grateful to have been a part of such a large-scale event and look forward to helping shape more event experiences in the future. Way to go CES®!

Want more CES 2023 project details? View our portfolio page.

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