Branding Seafair: An Easy (And Fun!) Task


When Jennergy announced we’d begun a relationship with Seafair, we received a record number of social media comments and texts from friends and partners sharing in our excitement that we’d landed such a huge account. Agreed! Seafair is a big deal! With every piece we create, we are still in awe that we get to be a part of such a beloved festival.

The response made it clear to us how critically important brand equity is. Invest in your brand; educate your audience; keep up with social content, ads, your website — remind your audience that what you’ve got must not be missed. Seafair has branded themselves in such a way that they define the ultimate summer party: boats, music, and a guaranteed good time. They have created the public perception that they host the biggest events of the summer, and they are not wrong. People in the Puget Sound know what Seafair represents.

Jennergy isn’t going to explain what Seafair has cooked up. We don’t have to. Their team did the legwork and tapped into this community. You already know what a good time this festival is going to be — we just get to make their ads look cool and reach their 2018 audience. Again, we are so excited to be a part of this important community event. It’s so close we can almost feel the sun rays!

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