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Decorate Your Website for the Holiday $eason


The holiday season is a perfect time to test out a new product or feature on your website. As many shoppers are quickly on the hunt for the perfect gift, adding a splash page or holiday shopping section to your Shopify or Ecommerce site is a great way to test a new revenue stream, or provide seasonal items they otherwise would miss. With clever design and copywriting, you can provide a sense of urgency with your audience and additionally create an opportunity to get feedback on products from a varied sampling of shoppers and products.

When deciding what to sell, it’s important to limit your focus. Choose products that fall within a theme, are seasonally appropriate, or provide a good representation of your brand. This creates an ideal introduction to your brand for new customers and gives existing customers a way to discover something new.

Some quick tips to make your Ecommerce store earn more this shopping season:

  • Paint it red: Besides a traditional holiday color, it creates a sense of urgency.
  • Big headlines: Using large headlines help grab attention quickly.
  • Incorporate mentions of discounts: Reiterating the offer(s) throughout the page will entice shoppers to click-through.
  • Use urgency in design: Make sure customers know they only have a limited time to take advantage of the holiday offer.
  • Mention free shipping: One of the most persuasive parts of any Ecommerce design — if you offer it, promote it.

The holiday season is a critical time for Shopify, Shopify Plus and Ecommerce sites to drive sales and try something new. Creating a dedicated holiday section of your site and implementing a marketing strategy will maximize this time of year, boost sales and engage shoppers.

Looking to branch into a physical shop and connect with a different customer base? Consider a holiday pop-up shop for your point of sale. Contact us for more information, we would love to help increase your numbers!


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