Top Five Ecommerce SEO Tips For Your Website

Ecommerce SEO

Traffic to your website is incredibly important in determining the success of an Ecommerce website. Where you show up in search results not only drives customers to your store, but ranks you amongst competitors. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to improves website visibility, engagement, retention, and rankings for better search engine results and attracting potential customers to your products and services.

Here are five tips to ensure your Ecommerce website gets the best ranking possible:

1. Generate original content

Since Ecommerce websites often feature products and services similar to those marketed by competitors, using original content in your product descriptions is important to search engines (and customers). Rather than displaying stock descriptions and tags for products and services, generate original content which can be detected and graded positively by search engines. Think about the customer’s perspective for what is helpful to know and what makes your offerings unique. Make sure to include keywords in your descriptions!

2. Optimize meta descriptions

Meta descriptions can greatly increase your click-through rate with potential customers. They help users decide if what they are searching for is on a website. When writing them, think about the description from the customer’s point of view. Short, but meaningful descriptions, are the preference of users as most are skimming search results. Maximum engagement will result from staying under the 156 character limit. Prompting users to click-through by including a call to action such as “Free Shipping” or “Offer For New Customers” will further encourage a purchase.

3. Don’t rely on Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the fasted way to advertise your website with Google and other third-party websites. These text or visual ads are top ranking so they gain attention from search results. While they can be effective in bringing potential customers to your website, they can also have a negative effect. Customers can be reluctant to click on them since they are recognized as ads. Instead, focus on providing succinct and useful meta descriptions to your pages and developing more organic SEO techniques to increase your rankings.

4. Allow product reviews

Trust is a major factor in website abandonment. Your online store may have exactly what they are looking for, but if it’s new to them, they may be wary to complete a purchase. One way to combat this is to establish trust with product reviews. Reviews are viewed as reliable content by customers since they are provided by users who have made a previous purchase and have submitted a response. Reviews also increase ratings and enhance user experience by providing organic, original content on your website.

5. Utilize product images for SEO

The algorithms of search engines allow users to find products and services through image searches. It’s often a missed opportunity for potential customers finding your online store. Optimizing the product images in your store by modifying the alt tags through the integration of relevant keywords is a proven strategy that can significantly enhance the SEO of your website content.

These result-oriented SEO tips will not only ensure your website gets the right coverage on search engines, but will also lead to new and returning customers.

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