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Website Compliance: Make Your Website Accessible for All

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With more than $1.2 trillion in spending power, the ROI of Inclusivity is immense with the disabled population, not to mention the fact that they are the most brand loyal in the world. By making your website accessible to a population that’s roughly 20% globally, you’re opening yourself up to a great deal of potential business, in addition to meeting legal accessibility standards. Website compliance is increasingly important, whether you’re in the public or private sector. So what is it and what do you need to know in order to make your site compliant? 

What is website compliance?

When people talk about website compliance, they’re really talking about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The WCAG are developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make websites and web content accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability or disability. Beyond ensuring all users can access the same content, in the United States, websites and web applications are legally required to meet these standards. Although the WCAG are quite comprehensive, accessibility requirements change often. Jennergy specializes in updating existing or building new websites to meet WCAG requirements, we help our clients meet compliance regulations. 

Accessible websites come with other benefits.

WCAG compliance also helps to improve website usability and search engine optimization (SEO). Websites compliant with WCAG guidelines are more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and offer a better experience overall. Additionally, they are more likely to meet SEO criteria and be indexed by search engines. When Jennergy performs a website audit for our clients, we look for recommendations for WCAG compliance and SEO, therefore allowing overlap in these improvements. Curious about some other benefits of making your website compliant? We dive into the additional benefits in our follow-up post.

Is my site really at risk for a lawsuit?

Legal action against websites not in compliance is certainly on the rise. In the year 2021, it was reported it had the largest number of web accessibility lawsuits ever, 14% higher than 2020. In this post, the focus of legal action largely was on government-funded non-profits and other related entities, but in the last few years, the Consumer Goods, Services & Retail and Apparel, Durables & Beauty industries were the two largest groups affected. Tech, Software & Internet have also become heavily targeted in recent years. [source] It’s likely legal action is going to continue to increase, but fortunately, there are solutions available to get your website in compliance. 

Performing a web audit will guide the way into compliance.

At Jennergy, we audit your website to determine what’s working and what needs improvement—including compliance, performance, and usability. The Jennergy Web Audit gives you a holistic view of how your website is performing overall, and how you can improve on your website. Our audit reviews how people are finding your website, the experiences they have when they arrive, the rate at which your site converts anonymous visitors to connected prospects, and of course, current website adherence to WCAG compliance guidelines. Our web audit offers recommendations for improvements, which may include suggestions such as modifying the website’s code, color adjustments, adding alternative text for images, and ensuring that all forms are accessible. 

Easy accessibility with accessiBe.

Jennergy is a part of the partner program with accessiBe, a web accessibility  solution  for WCAG compliance that uses AI to transform websites to accommodate a range of disabilities. In addition to designing websites (or refreshing websites) with compliance in mind, we are proud to offer this additional solution for ensuring your site is accessible for all users.

Website compliance improves user engagement and increases brand awareness.

WCAG compliance is essential for your website. It not only ensures legal compliance but also expands your user base and improves the user experience. At Jennergy, we are committed to making your website accessible to all users, therefore increasing revenue and awareness. Ready to learn how to make your website WCAG-compliant? Let us help!

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