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The Website Audit—Decisions Based on Data

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Your website is your most critical marketing asset.

Of all your marketing efforts, your website has the furthest reach: it’s available to your prospective customers 24/7, wherever they are. Your other marketing initiatives send potential customers to your website; it’s your website’s job to persuade them to connect with you. If your site isn’t working well enough, it’s losing business for you. How do you determine how well is your website doing its job? By performing a website audit, you will be able to make your decisions based on data.

Let Jennergy audit your website to reveal what’s working and what needs improvement.

The Jennergy Web Audit will give you a holistic view of how your website is performing overall, and how you can improve the return on your most important marketing investment. Our audit reviews how people are finding your website, the experiences they have when they arrive, and the rate at which your site converts anonymous visitors to connected prospects. A dive deep into Google Analytics helps us find the key information needed to determine what your website needs. We assess the effectiveness of your site’s design, architecture, voice, and content. An audit lets you know what’s working and what isn’t—a fundamental first step toward improving your website’s performance.

The foundation for a successful website upgrade.

Revising or replacing your website can be a substantial undertaking, encompassing hundreds of decisions about site architecture, design, and content. Those decisions should be based on good data about how your current site is performing. Without a strong data foundation, you risk expending a lot of effort to create a site that doesn’t perform as well as it should. Our web audit digs into your current site to reveal user flow across the site, which pages hold their attention and which do not, and how well the navigation model keeps them oriented and gets them where they need to go. It assesses the effectiveness of your current site’s points of action, which are the places where visitors choose to take—or not take—the actions you are asking from them. It considers how clearly your website expresses your desired brand identity.

Teeing up your new website.

With the data in hand, we make recommendations for improvements (read more about improving your website here). What might a better sitemap look like (what is a sitemap? Learn more here)? How might the user experience be improved? What design principles should be followed? What functionality should be added or subtracted? What new or revised media elements should be considered? How is your overall messaging? What are others in your industry doing with their websites that should be of interest to you? How is your SEO? What performance metrics are most appropriate as targets for your upgraded site? 

What comes next?

With a web audit in hand, we can efficiently proceed to the first steps of a website upgrade with you, which will include a deeper dive into your goals, a more detailed content analysis of your present site, and a review of timing and budget considerations. This additional information plus the audit prepares us to develop proposals for your new site’s design, architecture, voice, and content.

Can I start my website redesign without a web audit?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. A web audit takes advantage of what your website has learned about its visitors to lay the groundwork for an upgrade that truly improves the performance and value of your site. The data and analysis in the audit strengthen decision-making from start to finish. The web audit provides the critical information to make the redesign of a website as successful as possible for longevity and performance. As every carpenter knows, “measure twice, cut once” is a rule that saves untold grief.

Ready to start your website audit process? We are here to help!

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