LP Loan Calculator

Designed for efficiency, the LP Loan Calculator™ app makes complex mortgage calculations a breeze.
Designed for efficiency, the LP Loan Calculator™ app makes complex mortgage calculations a breeze.
Designed for efficiency, the LP Loan Calculator™ app makes complex mortgage calculations a breeze.
A SaaS product to make life easier
The LP Loan Calculator™ progressive web application is an intuitive product for homebuyers and loan officers who need answers—fast. This convenient and powerful mobile app helps users get quick financial calculations about down payments, cash at closing, and other essential loan information when buying a home. Users can view results within seconds, adjust their numbers on the fly, and save their calculations for future reference.
Content Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Custom Iconography
Customer & Product Mapping
Customer Experience Strategy
Design System Architecture
Ideation & Rapid Prototyping
Logo & Identity Development
Persona Development
Social Media Campaign
User Journey Mapping
WCAG & ADA Compliance

A powerful, innovative SaaS mobile app created with the user experience in mind.

The LP Loan Calculator™ digital app fills a gap in the market for a powerful and easy-to-use mortgage calculator for the everyday homebuyer. Designed with accessibility in mind, LP Loan Calculator™ is WCAAG 2.0 compliant, making it both an enjoyable and inclusive experience. The product was developed as a progressive web app to maximize cross-platform availability without maintaining separate applications. This means that LP Loan Calculator™ is available for download via Google Play or the App Store, as well as via browser on your desktop or laptop.

LP Loan Calculator™ App Store Sample Screens
Progressive web app design provides greater flexibility and consistency than a stand-alone mobile app. This allows for a great experience on both your mobile phone and a desktop without having to maintain two separate applications.

Creating a cohesive brand family across all platforms.

We positioned the LP Loan Calculator™ to be a stand-alone mobile application that was also an extension of the Let’s Plan™ family of SaaS products. Deliverables included the brand strategy, naming, logo design and branding, custom Iconography, and user Interface branding that expanded upon the Let’s Plan™ Design System. Creating a new digital product that also maintains the brand integrity of the parent company was imperative to creating trust with the consumer while building brand recognition for the entire suite of Let’s Plan™ products.

LP Loan Calculator™ Logo
LP Loan Calculator™ Welcome Screen
LP Loan Calculator™ is a unique and stand-alone SaaS product that expands the Let's Plan family of digital products while building brand recognition and awareness with the consumer.
LP Loan Calculator™ App Icon
Designing an application icon that stays true to the brand, the LP Loan Calculator uses custom iconography to stand apart from other mobile applications on a user's phone.
LP Loan Calculator™ App Icon

A successful mobile app begins with careful planning—user flows, user journeys, and product sitemaps.

Understanding how and where your users will interact with your product makes a digital product successful and is the core of exceptional user experience design. Creating a well-received and enjoyable digital product requires careful planning through user journey mapping, user flows, and product sitemaps. This initial planning process produces product consistency, decreases user frustration, and more importantly, catches potential issues well before the product ever reaches the lengthy development process, saving time and money.

LP Loan Calculator™ User Flow and Product Sitemap
One of the most important foundational aspects of a successful mobile SaaS product is a well-thought-out user journey that provides the roadmap for a consistent and enjoyable experience.
LP Loan Calculator™ Desktop And Mobile
Understanding the wide range of digital spaces in which your product will live is fundamental to creating a consistent user experience on any device your customer may be using.

It has been a pleasure to work with Jenn and her team at Jennergy. They developed an awesome set of branded logos and names with unique options. I had lots to choose from after their extensive interview process to capture the essence of what I was looking for. I'm very impressed by the product, attention to detail and well thought out concepts. Jenn's resume and website present an impressive lineup of logos and work product that speaks for itself. Let the experts shine and that's what they did!

- Steve Dellario, Let's Plan™

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