Coming Soon! New Brand, New Website, New #10 Envelopes


Ah, rebranding. Such an exciting, yet tumultuous time in a company’s life. We’ve been doing this professionally for 18 years now, and while Jennergy has successfully worked on rebranding many of our clients, we’ve come to recognize it’s our turn for a little freshening up.

We’ve been carrying our logo around since 1998. While it did mirror who we were then, we’ve since evolved. We’ve expanded our creative offerings, tripled our team, and relocated to downtown Seattle — as well as had some hard-hitting projects that have received notable awards. While we have been enthusiastic to create a new design to represent ourselves, we still had to go through our own process — discovery, strategy, evaluate our own SWOT analysis, define our target audience — all while concepting a new brand that captured our personality and culture of our company.

At Jennergy, we know a rebrand can be a complete game-changer. Expanding our services, deepening our client relationships, revenue growth, promoting a new direction of business and a firm grasp on relevancy are highlights of the process. After evaluating ourselves internally over the last year, we know first-hand how branding in the year 2017 is completely different than branding in 1998. Social media outreach, advertising, digital marketing — all of these forms of communication greatly impact your brand direction and decisions.

Jennergy sees the value in keeping it fresh and relevant to today’s market. It’s critical for an organization to stay current and forward thinking both visually and conceptually. As we continue to develop our own materials, we recognize it’s a slow process. We have to consider everything that has Jennergy’s name on it — websites, invoices, stationery package, PowerPoint decks, social media icons and banners — the list is never-ending. However, what’s most important is to keep moving forward and slowly evolve what you can, when you can.

We hope you check back with us as we gradually introduce our new brand. Our new website is currently under development, and we are very excited to not only share our new materials, but also some very significant campaigns with recent partnerships. With all this exciting change and growth in 2017, it makes us proud of being part of a powerful market, and hopefully, clear another shelf to make space for awards.

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